Coronavirus Updates and Current Opening Times

Will you be safe?

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Firstly, it should be noted that our Minigolf putting greens course is in the open air. Furthermore, participants will be naturally grouped in their own playing cells and can easily adhere to the well- established social distancing rules between playing groups. No set of players will come into contact with any other group.

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The obvious shared point of surface contact for this activity are the three pieces of equipment that we provide: a putter, a ball and for 1 of your group, a score card and pencil. All putters and balls and pencils will be thoroughly coated and cleaned with disinfectant before and after each use by a player. Score cards will be destroyed, where players do not wish to keep it as a record.

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As a further precaution, players are encouraged to bring their own gloves, if they so wish. A golf putting glove, or a sheer latex glove would be appropriate.

Our putting greens provide some well deserved fun for you and your children in a safe, peaceful and beautiful environment. The disruption caused by the Coronavirus to the tourist industry has 1 benefit; No Queues. Come and take advantage before the crowds return. We promise you a warm but safe welcome.

Current Opening Times

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We will be open July - August inclusive at the times below:

  • Days: 7 days per week
  • 14:00hrs - 24:00hrs

image of putting green hole and flag

  • Address:
    Sporting Casino 119 Avenue Maurice Martin, Soorts HOSSEGOR 40150
  • Tel:
    +33 6 47 19 62 01
  • Email:
Opening Times
  • Season: June to October inclusive
  • Days: 7 days per week
  • Times: 14:00hrs - 24:00hrs (Midnight)
  • Adult 18 holes: 10 Euro pp
  • Child(under 12 yrs): 8 Euro pp
  • Child (under 6 yrs): Free On Practice Green Only(spaces limited)
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