Prices, Opening Times & Rules for Minigolf Hossegor Putting Garden

General Rules & Conduct

On The Course

In order to protect the Greens, ALL competitors and spectators must wear appropriate footwear (ie flat soled)

The Garden is maintained for everyone's pleasure. Please look but do not touch.'

Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by at least 1 playing adult. Whilst we encourage participation on the main Greens by children down to the age of 6, we remind their supervisors that these are serious putting Greens. This is not 'Crazy Golf'. We encourage adult supervisors to teach proper putting technique and all competitors to show a reasonable amount of patience for beginners, where necessary. The life blood of all sports are the next generation!

In the same spirit, however, we request all competitors to guard against unreasonably slow play.

No food, drink or tobacco on the Greens please. They will get spilt or dropped on the Greens, no matter how careful you believe yourself to be and the putting surfaces will eventually be ruined.


No shouting or swearing. Putting needs concentration so please have regard for others.

Rules Of Play


No more than 4 to a group of players

Each player from a group tees off in turn. Play continues in turn, starting with the NEAREST to the hole.

If the ball leaves play, it must be placed within 400mm from where it left the Green.

If a Player's ball hits another competitor's ball but both remain in play, both balls must be played from their new position. No penalties are awarded for this. If either ball leaves the Green however, it must be placed within 400mm from where it left the Green. Again, no penalties are awarded for this.

Each hole has a 6 shot limit. Should be scored as 6 plus 1, as a penalty; total 7.

Winner tees off first at the following hole.

Putting Garden Rules

Dangerous or inappropriate use of any equipment will result in immediate disqualification from any further play, without refund.

Teeing off BEFORE all Competitors in the preceding group of Players have left the Green, results in immediate disqualification for that hole and a score of 6 for the hole.

The management reserves the right to exclude any individual or group without refund.

  • Address:
    Sporting Casino 119 Avenue Maurice Martin, Soorts HOSSEGOR 40150
  • Tel:
    +33 6 47 19 62 01
  • Email:
Opening Times
  • Season: June to October inclusive
  • Days: 7 days per week
  • Times: 10:00hrs - 00:00hrs (Midnight)
  • Adult 18 holes: 10 Euro pp
  • Child(under 12 yrs): 8 Euro pp
  • Child (under 6 yrs): Free On Practice Green Only(spaces limited)
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